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    Hends Products is a Czech company located in the Beskydy foothills. Since 1999, we have been developing and manufacturing products primarily intended for fly tying. Our mission is not only to supply products but also to truly understand the needs of fishermen, as we are passionate anglers and nature lovers ourselves. You'll find people on our team who share the same passion, and that's reflected in every product we create.

    We collaborate with the best fishermen and competitors in the development of new products to ensure that our range is always innovative and meets the latest trends and demands of the fishing community. Each product undergoes thorough testing and evaluation to guarantee its quality and effectiveness.

    Our fly fishing materials and products are not limited to the Czech market. Thanks to our long-term efforts, they are distributed to many countries worldwide, where they have gained wide popularity among fly fishermen and fly tyers. However, we also aim to reach other anglers with various styles and disciplines, including those who engage in spinning or fishing for carp. We offer a comprehensive range of fly fishing accessories such as rods, reels, fly lines, backing lines, leaders, quick connectors, and much more.

    Every fisherman can be assured that our products are designed and manufactured with love for fishing and respect for nature.

    We believe in direct contact with our customers, so you can view and order all our products directly on our website. If you prefer a personal meeting, we cordially invite you to visit our sample store in Zubří. There, you can not only view our products but also discuss everything in person and share your experiences with us.

    We are here to help you achieve even greater success!

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